Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Contractions (short forms) like I’m, he’s show the pronunciation on informal speech. They are common and correct in informal writing, for example friendly letters.
These are the most common contractions:

Affirmative (positive) contraction:
Negative contraction:
I am I’m
we are → we’re
she is → she’s
he has → he’s
I have I’ve
you had → you’d
you would → you’d
they will → they’ll
are not → aren't
is not → isn't
have not → haven't
has not → hasn't
had not → hadn't
do not → don't
does not → doesn't
did not → didn't
will not → won't
shall not → shan't
would not → wouldn't
should not → shouldn't
cannot → can't
could not → couldn't
might not → mightn't
must not → mustn't
need not → needn't

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